Hillary - Another George Bush?

I don't know about you but I'm getting a very bad feeling about Hillary. Her language is sounding way too much like that of George Bush. Will she enjoy the powers of the "Unitary Executive" that George Bush has amassed over his 7 year reign of terror over our nation and our world or will she hand them back to the people?

Will a Democratic congress even hand her legislation that restores our civil liberties or will they all of a sudden "forget" about these matters because their girl is in the White House and she wants those powers?

I've heard rumors that George Bush has been secretly meeting with Hillary to give her advice on how to continue this unitary executive stuff when he's gone. What the hell is that about? Why is she even speaking to him - and IN SECRET?!?!

Watch out! This may be a bad omen.

There is no one out there who can lead our nation, or so it seems. No one who values our Constitution and our reputation in the world. These are very perilous times for our nation and world, with terrorism and global warming and the possibility of peak oil that may extinguish 90% of all human life on earth. Without fossil fuels, we can only grow enough food for 10% of our current population.

I don't know where this all ends. Maybe someone will pull a rabbit out of their hats and fix it. Who that person will be is not yet known. All I do know is that this person is not among the current field of candidates from either party.